CVC Women’s Volleyball

CVC Volleyball vs. Centennial

Great game girls, photographs of the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team against Centennial can be found at the following link.

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Fall Sports 2014

Football season starts tonight, honestly I can’t wait, however I won’t be able to make it out there tonight due to some family events that are happening. I’m setting my schedule for Fall 2014, to be posted here soon.

I’ll be praying for no injures tonight for the CVC Cavalier Football team, see you all next week!!

CVC Volleyball vs. Bakersfield Christian

Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavalier Varsity and JV Volleyball teams in their win against Bakersfield Christian last night. Photographs of last nights CVC Volleyball game vs. Bakersfield Christian have been posted to my prints for sale site, which can be accessed by clicking here or clicking on either one of the included photographs. Also wanted to mention the great addition from Deene Souza Photography of the new girls volleyball poster, which is shown below, GREAT JOB.




CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Bullard

Photographs taken at the CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Bullard game can be found here or by clicking one of the following photographs.



2011 CVC Cavalier Volleyball

I was made aware today that the photographs taken of the 2011 CVC Cavalier Volley Ball team weren’t posted on this site for parent viewing. In recognition of this I have decided to offer a discount to all the parents who have been waiting for these images.

Discount code: CVC2011VB

If you have questions on how the discount is applied please look here.

Photographs of this year’s CVC Cavalier Volley Ball team have been posted to the following link.

Photographs are at this link.

CVC Cavalier Womens Volleyball vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team on another spectacular win against the Kingsburg Vikings. Photographs of the Central Valley Christian Varsity Volleyball team vs. Kingsburg Vikings can be purchased here.

CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball vs. Coalinga Horned Toads

The CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball team has started their run for the Valley Championship early with both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams taking wins against the Selma Bears.

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavalier Volleyball games (Varsity and JV) can be found HERE for viewing and for purchase. Please make sure that you use the “CBCVBSB09” for 15% of for the next week on photographs from this game.

Discount code: “CVCVBSB09”

Volley Ball Photographs.

First ever sale

Offer Code “SeasonEnd2009”

Recently it became apparent that I hadn’t been able to process all of images i had taken of CVC’s Volleyball Team… so to that end I have decided to post the rest of the images and offer a one time only end of year sale. The offer code mentioned above will give you 15% your entire purchase, not including shipping, for all volleyball photographs and will expire Friday Jan. 29th at mid-night. The discount will apply to all items purchased wither from the list of late posts or not.

Note that this discount will also work for ALL OTHER SPORT PHOTOGRAPHS posted to KJFPhoto, if you have another athlete that you would like to purchase photographs of.

Links to the following games:

Varsity vs. Selma Bears (Includes Senior Honorees)

Varsity vs. Exeter

Varsity vs. Firebaugh

Varsity vs. Orosi

Note: If you don’t remember to put in the discount code for the items you wish to purchase I will be unable to issue a refund, please take advantage of this sale before time runs out.

CVC Lady Cavalier Volley Ball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Photographs of the game now available HERE.


In close matches against the Immanuel Eagles the CVC Lady Cavaliers came away with wins for both the JV and Varsity team on Thursday (Oct. 1, 2009). Photographs are available now from my Prints for sale Website.


Both the Lady Cavaliers and Eagles Junior Varsity team won 1 game in their match, taking the game to a third and final match to decide the winner. The third game in the match came down to just a couple of points with the Cavaliers winning the game and consequently the match. With such a tough set of games many in the crowd couldn’t wait to see how the Varsity teams would match up.


Varsity came out strong and took control of the floor quickly in the first game, this was however met with great resistance near the end as players on both sides got warmed up. After a couple of timeout meetings both teams fought hard with CVC’s Lady Cavaliers winning by only a couple of points in each of the 3 games played in the match.

CVC Cavalier Volleyball 2009-09-22

Photographs of the Lady Cavalier Volleyball game have now been posted to print for sale site and are available for purchase.


Arriving earlier than usual I was able to watch and photograph the Lady Cavalier Freshmen Volleyball team, working together they had already won one game and lost another. It their third game they weren’t able to hold of the Coalinga Lady Toad’s in their win but with the good leadership of their coach they were able to come away with some valuable lessons from their match.

The Junior Varsity Lady Cavs’ were able to dominate against the Coalinga Toad’s winning in two straight matches.

The Varsity Central Valley Christian Lady Cavaliers, with one of their starters out due to an ankle injury were still able to take control early in the first game in an almost astounding win over the Coalinga Lady Toad’s. Coming back from the first game the Toad’s put up a good fight staying close to the Lady Cav’s until late in the second game when the Cavaliers pulled away for the win. Final match proved they were taking advantage of the home court advantage allowing the team to work on game play and strategy.

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