CVC Women’s Soccer

Fall Sports 2014

Football season starts tonight, honestly I can’t wait, however I won’t be able to make it out there tonight due to some family events that are happening. I’m setting my schedule for Fall 2014, to be posted here soon.

I’ll be praying for no injures tonight for the CVC Cavalier Football team, see you all next week!!

CVC Womens Soccer

Congratulations to the CVC Women’s soccer team on another perfect season. The images that I was able to capture can be seen here.

Link to CVC Womens Soccer Photographs

CVC Soccer Team, Kiss a Cow (fundraiser)

Who would have thought that kissing a cow would be such a great fundraiser, honestly though I do think that had I known what it was all about I would have kicked in some money to see a couple of the CVC Lady Cavalier Soccer players kiss a cow. Everyone was really pretty good sports about the fundraiser and followed through on their commitment to the fund raiser.

Photographs from the fundraiser, which concluded at Half-Time of the last home football game can be found here.


CVC JV Lady Cavalier Soccer vs. Kingsburg

It’s not normal for me to post about the JV team, but I wanted to make a quick post about the JV team due to the fact that I was able to capture a team photograph of the JV Lady Cavalier Soccer team after their game against the Kingsburg Vikings. I will link directly to photographs of the team instead of the general game photographs. Perhaps next year we can get photographs of every sports team.

Photographs can be found here.

CVC Women’s Soccer vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavalier Soccer match against the Kingsburg Vikings can be found HERE.

CVC Women’s Soccer Seniors

Photographs of the Senior Women’s Soccer players and their parents can be found HERE.

CVC Lady Cavaliers Soccer vs. Exeter

Photographs of the CVC Lady Cavaliers vs. Exeter can now be VIEWED/PURCHASED HERE.

CVC Cavalier Women’s Soccer vs. Immanuel Eagles

Reedley’s Immanuel Eagles women’s soccer team, though they worked hard, was unable to take a dominant position against Visalia’s CVC Cavaliers women’s soccer in the cold January evening. CVC’s women’s soccer has been nearly as strong as their Volley ball team over the last couple of seasons and showed their strength in a big way against the Eagles.

While their exists a large rivalry between the Cavaliers and the Eagles, both teams have a mutual friendship displayed in their love for Christ and their love for the game.

Photographs of the Junior Varsity game can be found here:

Photographs of the Varsity soccer game are still forth coming.

CVC Cavalier Soccer vs. Immanuel Highschol Eagles

Central Valley Christians Cavalier Men’s Soccer team came together with their home field advantage and cheering fans braving the cold, huddled next to their heaters, to win against the well practiced Immanuel High School Eagles. Congratulations to the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers on their win against their rival Immanuel Eagles. Photographs taken from the game can be found here.




CVC Lady Cavalier Soccer vs. Immanuel Highschool Eagles

The CVC Lady Cavaliers soccer team dominated the field in their rivalry game against the Immanuel Highschool Eagles on Friday night. The chill of the evening wasn’t enough to keep the Lady Cavaliers from having an amazing game against their rivals the Immanuel Eagles. Congratulations to the CVC Cavaliers on their win. Photographs from the event can be found here.