CVC Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basket Ball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Under the leadership of coach Neal CVC’s women’s basket ball came out strong to the court ready to play the eagles, with the score always close enough it was anyone’s game. The women Cavaliers did wrap up the game in their favor, with the final couple of points moving the cavaliers out of reach of the Eagles being scored by #32.(name purposely omitted)

This game could have been the only one for #32, as she has suffered some traumatic injuries that will keep her from playing for the rest of the season.

There are many photographs to look through here. Please enjoy.

CVC Lady Cavaliers vs. Immanuel Highshool Eagles

Both CVC Cavalier Lady basket ball teams came away with a win in their match-up against the Immanuel High School eagles, with the Junior Varsity team winning by just one point. Congratulations to the CVC Lady Cavaliers on their win.

Photographs from the game can be found here or click one of the photographs.




Phographs of the JV game:




P.S. for those that were looking for these photographs before, it seems I made a mistake and didn’t actually have them posted on my site… though they were ready to be viewed.


CVC Womens Basketball vs. Parlier

Photographs of the CVC Women Basketball game can now be found at the following link.




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