CVC Men’s Basketball

Fall Sports 2014

Football season starts tonight, honestly I can’t wait, however I won’t be able to make it out there tonight due to some family events that are happening. I’m setting my schedule for Fall 2014, to be posted here soon.

I’ll be praying for no injures tonight for the CVC Cavalier Football team, see you all next week!!

CVC Cavalier Men’s Basketball vs. Dinuba

Photographs of the CVC Men’s basketball team in their game against Dinuba, Ca have been posted to the following link for viewing and purchase.

CVC Cavalier Basketball vs. Kingsburg Vikings

Photographs of the CVC Cavalier mens basketball can now be viewed/purchased from HERE.

CVC Cavalier Basketball vs. Coaling Horned Toads

Photographs of the CVC Cavalier men’s basketball team have been posted to the following link and are ready for viewing/purchase. Don’t forget that you can sign up for email updates from my subscribe page.

View Photographs Here

CVC Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Selma Bears

CVC Cavalier Men’s Varsity Team came out strong in their game against the Selma Bears winning the contest without much of a contest, the well practiced Cavalier’s run up and down the court making basket after basket.

Photographs taken at the Varsity Men’s Basketball game against the Selma Bears can be found here.

CVC Cavalier Mens Basketball vs. Immanuel Eagles

Many people came to the comfort of the CVC Cavalier Gymnasium to see the Cavaliers play the Immanuel Eagles. The bleachers were packed with fans for both sides in hopes that their favorite would win the game. CVC’s JV team came away with the win against the Eagles clinching the game late in the second half. Photographs of the Junior Varsity Basketball game can be found for purchase here.



During the Varsity basketball match up the Cavaliers took control of the court late in the first half of play comming away with the win despite the effort of the Eagles to overcome the Cavaliers. The fans played a big part in each athelete keeping their energy up throughout the game. Photographs from varsity basktball game can be found here.




CVC Cavalier Mens Basketball vs. Coalinga Horned Toads

With a small crowd on hand to watch the game the CVC Cavaliers took on the Coalinga Horned Toads in their first basketball game of the season coming away with a win.

Photographs from the mens varsity game can be found here.



CVC Men’s Basketball vs. Orosi

Photographs from the CVC Men’s JV and Varsity Basketball game vs. Orosi have been processed and are now available for viewing and purchase through the following link.