Think Tank Photo Bags (after the honeymoon)

Photographers have a hard time moving from equipment that they know, even bags for carrying photographic equipment can be a very hard decision unless you have the time to invest in getting a couple trying them out and then sending them back, or a nice big photo retailer that allows you to try out a wide selection in the store before you buy. I don’t really have either of those options as I wanted the bags that arrived to be the bags that I kept so ensued literally months of research to ensure that I came home with the bags that I needed/wanted to use going forward.

The bag being replaced was a Lowpro Toploader 75 bag which had served me for many years actually, until the zipper broke and it became nearly impossible to get the camera out quickly and stowed quickly often leaving the top flap open with the camera exposed for all to see. I’d buy from them again but wanted to try something new that left me in charge of my equipment in a different way also keeping my gear safe.

The biggest requirement that I had was one determined by my health, I needed a camera storage system that left the camera weight not on my shoulders. I have been suffering for years now from pain associated with how I hold my shoulders while at work and on the side lines of sporting events and while photographing weddings. A person’s shoulders should be allowed to relax, even while photographing events and I believe that I have now achieved that.

Thinktank photo bags has allowed me to design a photo bag storage system that brings with me the essential pieces of gear that I feel I need while keeping it protected and it’s weight not resting on my shoulders. I ended up purchasing Modular Set Component System which really is nearly everything that you could ever need or want so far as bags and holsters for your camera gear. After a couple of weddings and other events I can say that each portion of the set has it’s uses, I have used each portion for different purposes at different events. Don’t forget to get a belt to put the Modular Set Component System on, I purchased the Pro Speed Belt which I believe is why I continue to like the system so much, very comfortable. Originally I thought that I would really only want one setup and configuration and that hasn’t remained true.

Also wanting a bag to carry my camera when I’m not on the job I purchased Digital Holster 30 v 2.0 I don’t know what is version 2.0 about the bag but I can say that I have barely used it since getting the belt pack as well. The digital holster has it’s place in the camera bag arsenal but has some downfalls that I would also like to discuss. For one there simply isn’t enough space in this one bag for the standard objects that I would want to carry. It would take an additional item strapped onto the bag to make it functional. While traveling I like to keep with me one camera and one lens, this isn’t a problem in the Digital Holster. The things that I can’t keep with me in the digital holster include: filters, extra media, extra batteries are almost completely out of the question.

All in all I believe that the bags have been a wonderful change of pace from the bag what was being replaced but it hasn’t worked out exactly how I had planned it, there are many bag manufacturers out there and though many of them could have done the job but Think Tank was my choice and will remain with me for quite some time.

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