Merry Christmas Everyone

I think that for everyone Christmas holds a kind of magic that cannot be undone, wither it is the memories that they have that will never pass away or the things that they received for Christmas that hold a special place in their hearts. I think that it is important that people look to their family for their enjoyment and treasure up all the memories in their hearts. This ornament holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that I remember it being hung on our first Christmas tree.
Every year my wife and I have a tradition that we get each other an ornament, something that we feel is special to us in hopes that in years to come we can look back on the ornaments and remember the years that they were hung on the tree and the wonderful times that we had during the Christmas season. This year the tradition will live on in my giving of a magical ornament to my wife once again and the building of more fond memories.
This photograph, a 2nd place winner on dpchallenge, inspired me to try one of my own. After about 40 photographs I decided that I had the best product that I was going to be able to get with the tools that I was using. Congratulations to the winner on his entry and I hope that you didn’t mind to much that I had to try it out myself.

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