Volley Ball Photographs.

First ever sale

Offer Code “SeasonEnd2009”

Recently it became apparent that I hadn’t been able to process all of images i had taken of CVC’s Volleyball Team… so to that end I have decided to post the rest of the images and offer a one time only end of year sale. The offer code mentioned above will give you 15% your entire purchase, not including shipping, for all volleyball photographs and will expire Friday Jan. 29th at mid-night. The discount will apply to all items purchased wither from the list of late posts or not.

Note that this discount will also work for ALL OTHER SPORT PHOTOGRAPHS posted to KJFPhoto, if you have another athlete that you would like to purchase photographs of.

Links to the following games:

Varsity vs. Selma Bears (Includes Senior Honorees)

Varsity vs. Exeter

Varsity vs. Firebaugh

Varsity vs. Orosi

Note: If you don’t remember to put in the discount code for the items you wish to purchase I will be unable to issue a refund, please take advantage of this sale before time runs out.

CVC Cavalier Football Schedule 2009-2010

Visalia Central Valley Christian Cavalier Football Score Board

As mid summer approaches and students just fresh on their break from school start to look forward to being back in school again, football players around the United States start gearing up, practicing, and working out in the gym so that they can be ready to play their sport come fall. Fall brings with it cooler weather and games under the friday night lights. Here in Visalia the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers are readying themselves for the battle to be Valley Champions, I look forward to joining them on the sidelines of every home game and many away games this year.

Don’t forget that photographs can be purchase from my print service and I am offering a special this year to CVC seniors for their senior portraits.