Central Valley Christian Highschool Graduation

Perhaps the first to graduate in the spring Central Valley Christian High School has released their well trained graduates to the world. May the Lord Bless you all.

Photographs taken at graduation can be found here:

And photographs of the graduates receiving their diplomas here:

J & A Kane Wedding

Justin and Anita were married in Pismo Beach, California, as close to the Pacific Ocean as you can possibly get without being in the sand with a wedding dress. In fact we did take them down to the beach to get some photographs of the both of them. Walking down the long staircase at the Sea Crest Ocean Front Hotel to the beach below can be quite a task for anyone especially anyone in a wedding gown however Anita was very willing to take on the task for the images that would be captured after the decent to the sandy beach below.

The reception for Justin and Anita was held at Steamers of Pismo Beach just down the street from Sea Creast in their banquet room, wonderful food and atmosphere both.

Their exit was no less spectacular than their wedding location with sparklers ablaze the bride and groom left the reception to start their lives together.

If a bride and groom elect to see each other before their wedding it really can make the day much more relaxing for everyone, including the guests who look forward to the grand entrance of the couple to the reception.

Dala Horse Trot and Kingsburg Swedish Festival

Congratulations to this years 2k and 10k overall winner of the Dala Horse Trot, Kingsburg, California. I was prevlidged to take photographs of nearly every participant. Photographs of the participants can be found here.

CVC Spring Musical “Aida”

Photographs of this years’ CVC high school spring play have now been posted here. The cast for the spring play “Aida” was quite large as has been the tradition for the CVC spring plays. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with hand painted Egyptian style murals which can be seen as the last couple of images in the gallery link below. There were also many live scene changes seen by the audience that seemed well rehearsed and were pulled off without the audience knowing if there were any issues. Great job everyone.

Photographs are now available here.

In the musical Aida, a princess from Nubia, is captured and brought back to Egypt while out on the Nile exploring it’s vast beauty. Aida’s capture leads to a chance encounter with Radames, a captain in the Egyptian army. Their chance meeting leads to her placement with Amneris the Egyptian princess pledged to be married to Radames. By the end of the musical the Adia, Nubian princess, and Radames, the Egyptian army captain, find their hearts have fallen for each other and are buried alive to die together as lovers.

Anniversary Lunch, Cambria, California

This year we spent the entire day focused on being together for your anniversary, though we haven’t ever been apart on our anniversary we did activities that brought some adventure and new shared experiences. Cambria, California was the place for us this year. We were impressed by the pet friendly atmosphere that Cambria and many other towns is California have adopted. Pets are family as well and it’s hard to leave them behind in the car when going out to eat.

After walking our Lana our boxer through the entire town to go to the dog park, looking at Nit Wit Ridge we were all famished and in need of sustenance. I put my wife in charge of finding lunch for us. She often picks places for eating that are wonderful and someplace that I wouldn’t have normally chosen. While her first pick wasn’t open due to a Wine festival the second choice was perfect.

Indigo Moon, a local Cambria establishment, is a wonderful place to cool your heals and enjoy some fantastic cuisine or even a local bottle of wine. If you’re looking for a place for a quiet date or a Sunday morning brunch with live music Indigo moon, in my opinion, is the place for you if you are anywhere near Cambria California. You can choose to dine on the front patio with your pet, inside their clean restaurant, on the patio with heaters for those that want the fresh pacific ocean air without the chill, or in the garden. We chose the 3rd of the 4 options wanting to not be street side and having made appropriate arrangements for our boxer.

Don’t forget that there are great vacation rentals in the area that make great lodging arrangements through Scenic Coast if checking into a hotel isn’t the thing for you.

There is plenty to do just up the coast and just down the coast from Cambria.

The Bay at Night, Morro Bay, California

Even after all this time there are still images that can be taken of Morro Bay that hold magic for me. These images were take of Morro Bay well after the sun had set using a 5D Mark II with a wonderful 50mm 1.2 Lens. Really it’s just a bay with a wonderful Embarcadero that is still always changing. I grew up vacationing here and I think that I would be happy to continue escaping to Morro Bay for years to come so long as it doesn’t loose it’s small town feel.

Morro Bay is just a small drive from California’s Central Valley and well worth the trip to escape from the winter fog or hot summer heat.

After a quick meal at “Whales Tale” that once was near Anchor Park in Morro Bay, we drove down to the wharf and walked our boxer up and down the street to get her wiggles out and enjoy some of the nice, fresh, sea air. Stopping as often as possible take the images that you see here.

Cross Country Skiing Olympic Valley, Squaw Valley, California

Never will I be in the Winter Olympics for any sport, I am past the prime age for competing in anything except for maybe curling. Instead now I will wonder in amazement at the athletic abilities that many of the Olympic athletes have been given and take photographs of future generations of Olympic athletes as they practice their sport.

A recent trip with work to me to the site of the 1960 Olympics, held in Squaw Valley, California. I had never realized how close the Olympics had been to California’s, Central Valley. I’m certain that times were very different during the 1960 Olympics, much more simple and much more focused on the abilities of the Olympic athlete. I’m certain that there were the ski’s that were leading edge and different sports have been added such as snow boarding which would have only been a dream at that point. The idea of the Olympics though hasn’t really changed in my opinion, bring the world together to celebrate the best of the best athletes and give them the opportunity to prove who is really the best.

So in the spirit of the Olympics I decided that I had to at least try one of the sports that I find most amazing. Cross country skiing is one of the sports that has always intrigued me, sure there is luge and bobsled and there have been many wonderful showing of sportsmanship in those events but one of the events that takes an amazing amount of athletic ability and endurance is the biathlon and cross country skiing. While both envolve basically the same ski’s they are amazing for the endurance and dynamic ability that an athlete must posses to compete in them. While flying across a long distance as in the ski jump, skating on ice can draw quite a crowd the athletes that train their entire lives for every sporting event should be recognized is the same reverence.

I arrived at the Nordic rental just one hour before closing so I had to make a quick decision on what I was going to do; cross country ski or snow shoe. Either way I wouldn’t be flying across the snow, I wanted to get out take a couple of images of the Olympic Valley and the beauty that there was there. I quickly decided that I was going to try cross country, paid a half half day rate, very well worth it for me as I figured that it may very well be my only chance to try cross country. I was given boots and ski’s that were somewhat small for my size as it was my first time trying and a pretty conditioned coarse, no new snow. I put them on skied out to the machine maintained trail and started down my first hill. At very worst I was going to have to climb back up an icy steep slope to turn my ski’s back in at the Nordic Hut.

Through the rest of the experience I learned that cross country was something that I would like to do more of, but also that it uses muscles that I didn’t even know that I had. I am probably romanticising the experiance somewhat but I can’t imagine the things that I could see with a pair of cross country ski’s and photograph with even just a simple camera. There is still so much in this world to explore, every adventure a way to meet God and bring the beauty of his creation back for others to experience.

Below are some images of the images that I capture while out on the track, yes I wore jeans and yes I did fall a couple of times but it was totally worth the experience.

Sunset, Pismo Beach, Ca

After looking at the Monarch Butterflies we had to go to the beach being in “Pismo Beach” as we were, it would crazy to drive 7 hours round trip in one day to the beach and never see it. We walked down the path that runs through the Monarch viewing area and out to the beach. Here are a couple of images captured from the sand dunes that line the beach.

Monarch Butterflies at Pismo Beach, California

Every year that I can remember the Monarch Butterflies have migrated through Pismo Beach, California on their yearly trek. I have wanted frequently to make my way to the grove of tree’s that has been home to the majority of the migrating butterflies but have never found the time to see them. This year I finally took a day of the weekend and made my way there to see the migration and found many beautiful butterflies adorning the tree’s.

In the photograph above you can clearly see one of the butterflies has been tagged, this will assist with the tracking of the butterflies from the point of origin to their destination as well as the population registration. Each butterflies wings may be unique but a tag with numbers/letters is much more efficient when counting. According to historical counts, the numbers of Monarchs making the annual trip is on a steady decline with peaks every couple of years. The count as of today is more than last year but not as large as has been seen. Being really a short drive from my home in Visalia; I hope to attend the grove each year over the next couple of years in hopes of seeing a large year, instead of steady decline and collapse.

Thanksgiving in Pioneer

This years thanksgiving was spent in the snow, freshly fallen, everything was white and perfect when we arrived just before the roads completely froze over for the night. It was great to have the freshness of the mountains and chill of fresh snow in the air to retreat to throughout Thanksgiving day.

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