CVC Women’s Volleyball

CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Redwood Rangers

SC1Q2050The Central Valley Christian High Cavaliers in their second match of the season took the Redwood Rangers in strait games Thursday night leaving no question who was the more dominant power on the court. It was good to be back behind the camera taking photographs for CVC as I had missed the action and excitement of sports through summer.

The Cavaliers’ Junior Varsity took only 2 games to win the match against the Redwood Ranger dominating the court. Through the season I look forward to seeing how this team will come together as there is great potential.

The Varsity match was very exciting, in parts, with Cavaliers and Rangers had good rally’s which ended only due to minor mistakes of the teams. Varsity ended up closing 3 straight games for an over all victory.

Photographs from the event found here, please enjoy.

CVC Volleyball vs. Dinuba

Congratulations to the Central Valley Christian women Cavaliers on such a fantastic win over Dinuba for the last regular play game of the Volleyball season.

All photographs taken throughout the season can be found here including photos taken on senior honor night.



CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Immanuel Eagles at Visalia

For the second time this year rivals Central Valley Christians’ Cavaliers faced off against Immanuels’ Eagles for a win at volleyball. CVC this time was able to pull of a staggering win for the home crowd, winning the game in three straight matches against the Eagles. The Cavaliers win was so impressive that the crowd of the opposition seemed to accept it long before the games had concluded. Photographs taken of the Lady Cavaliers can be found here.






CVC Volleyball vs. Selma

Congratulations to Visalias CVC Cavaliers on their win against the Selma Bears. CVC took control of the floor quickly and held on to their lead to bring the game to a quick and decisive end against the Selma Bears. CVC may very well be on the path to another area championship.

Photographs taken at the game can be found here.



The girls varsity lost very few points in their matches against the bears.




CVC Cavalier Volleyball vs. Colinga Horned Toads

The Central Valley Christian Cavaliers pulled of a sensational win against the Coalinga Horned Toads on Thursday, October 16, 2008, allowing very few points and zero wins throughout the evening. Photographs taken throughout the evening can be viewed here.






Central Valley Christian Volleyball vs. Immanuel

Visalia’s Central Valley Christian Volleyball team took early command of the floor dominating the first 2 games of the match pitting rival CVC Cavaliers vs. Immanuel Eagles. Though the Cavaliers ended up loosing the match both teams worked hard for every point.

Photographs taken at the game can be seen here.




CVC Volleyball vs. Lemoore

The CVC Junior Varsity Volley ball team came out strong with a good performance against Lemoore through the first game, and though they went on to loose the match they showed their training and perseverance as a team. I hope that the Junior Varsity team can do better next time, photographs taken during the Junior Varsity Game can be found here:



The CVC Varsity Volley ball team also came out strong with an ace to start the match against Lemoore, during the first and second game CVC dominated the floor, consistently showing their team work and agile ability to go after the ball. In the third game CVC had some trouble dominating their opponent, though there were some very enjoyable rallies with both teams going all out to ensure as much as possible that it wasn’t their opponent that got the point. CVC opened the 4th game in the match trailing Lemoore but then came from behind with consistently good rallies to win the match. Photographs taken during the CVC Varsity Volleyball vs. Lemoore game can be found here:




CVC Volleyball

Photographs taken at the CVC Volleyball vs. Orange Cove are now available at the following link.



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