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CVC Cheer

Football Senior Honors and Honorees

The seniors of this years football team and cheer squad were officially honored on October 30, 2009 and with the many events that have happened in the last couple of months including some issues with my photo editing software I have finally been able to process these photographs and get them uploaded. The photographs can be found here for your viewing.

Additional CVC Cheer Videos

This past week the CVC Cheer leading squad honored their Seniors and had prepared a new halftime routine. I recorded it for the continued enjoyment of the Cheer Leaders. Great job this week.

The halftime routine started with just a couple of the cheerleaders and something that they had put together:

And then the entire squad made their way to the field to dazzle the crowd:

Video of CVC Cheer during halftime.

Photographing the Central Valley Christian Cavaliers in their home game stand against Kingsburg, I was able to capture the above video with my newest addition to my arsenal of camera’s. The video is taken in HD so if you have the band width please enjoy.

I captured an additional video as the squad cheered on the local crowd.