Canon 50D Released


Canon announced today the Canon EOS 50D a new camera body to replace the almost un-aged 40D digital body released just one year ago. The new camera features improvements for those that include a more megapixels, larger dynamic range, and the ability to plug their camera directly in to their HDTV’s. The Canon 50D updates the Canon pro-sumer line which has been moving much more quickly than any other line as of late, this due to the high demand of people that have gotten their feet wet with a consumer level cameras and have decided to push upward.

Many professional photographers who have moved beyond the Canon 30, 40, 50D cameras series are left wondering when Canon is going to see fit to update the long standing Canon EOS 5D, a true professional level camera offering a full frame sensor with all of the benefits. The only complaint that 5D owners have had through the use of the camera is the seemingly slow shutter cycle speed, 3 frames per second, restricting the ability to achieve a burst rate that may actually capture something just milliseconds later when the moment may be more perfect than the one that was originally set to be captured.

The long rumored Canon 5D replacement has earned many different names and spec’s, without a base for any of them other than the hopes and needs of the current 5D owner base. The rumored specifications for the 5D replacement make it rival the features of the Canon EOS 1Ds-Mark III in all areas including frame rate, frame size, and even it’s disposition to foul weather, while these features would be nice I don’t honestly expect Canon to release a camera that will directly compete with their Flagship camera for photography professionals.

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